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Welcome to the enchanting world of That's Amore – a delightful roaming musical experience that invites you to embark on a captivating whistle-stop tour of Naples through the ages. With a repertoire adorned with rousing renditions of Neapolitan and Italian-style classics, from the timeless melodies of Dean Martin to the vibrant music of Renato Carosone, That's Amore's harmonious melodies will transport you deep into the heart of Italy and serenade your senses with the spirit of la dolce vita. Featuring some of London's top and most unique performers and musicians on the scene today along with iconic Italian classics such as Tu Vuo Fà L'Americano, That's Amore, Bella Ciao, and Volare, That's Amore is guaranteed to fill any event with sunshine, warmth and laughter straight from the Mediterranean.

Tu Vuo Fà L'Americano


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